PLVS VLTRA is a Public Intelligence Entity & Watchdog geared towards investigating, checking, and remedying the several interconnected power structures operating with impunity & reckless abandonment towards the very citizens they set out to serve and protect worldwide. As a Publicly funded grassroots Intelligence Entity lead by individual outsiders from around the world, we are willing to go Further Beyond on the topics & subject matter that the Public Interest requests & demands.

Through utilization of an unbiased, independent investigative unit of Journalists & area professionals we are solely dedicated to empowering courageous individuals who still believe in a moral future that Humanity can look back on and be proud to represent. We believe the Mainstream Media, Government & Intelligence agencies worldwide have failed in their overall civic duty to hold themselves accountable. We believe the only way to effectively remedy these failures is to finally lift the veil of secrecy in order to learn from our History & avoid repeating prior action. We take pride in an outside of Industry approach that is driven by serving the Public Interest of Humanity.