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Amidst rapid technological growth, we must vigilantly navigate the intertwined realms of surveillance and technology, guarding against encroachments on privacy while fostering innovation and responsible usage.
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Surveillance in the U.S.

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5 EYES - What is it and WHY is it important?

Citizen Four

"CITIZENFOUR," the 2014 Academy Award® winning documentary, is an international thriller that offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access. It chronicles director Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald's encounters with whistle-blower Edward Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel room, where he shares classified documents revealing NSA's invasive and illegal privacy infringements. The film vividly portrays the perils of government surveillance, leaving viewers with a lasting awareness of their digital privacy.

A Good American

"A Good American" is a gripping docu-thriller about Bill Binney, a brilliant NSA cryptologist who created ThinThread, an advanced surveillance program to prevent mass surveillance. The film explores how ThinThread was discontinued for financial reasons just before 9/11 and delves into the individuals responsible, both inside and outside the NSA, who supported Binney's work.

How US and German intelligence spied on the world

The Washington Post and ZDF, a German public broadcaster, revealed how US and West German spy agencies were able to use Crypto AG to listen to all encrypted messages of many nations for many decades.

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The intelligence coup of the century

For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries.


Historical Perspective


Sweden - The Compass - Crypto AG

In this episode, The Kompassen explores the military use of information management, focusing on Crypto AG and the alleged 'biggest intelligence coup in history.' We question the accuracy of the narrative surrounding Sweden's decryption of foreign crypto equipment and examine modern military information management techniques for securing communication.

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  • 1916Cryptograph

    The world's first crypto-focused company was founded by Swedes Olof Gyldén, a navy officer interested in cryptography, and Arvid Gerhard Damm, an engineer and inventor. They met in Berlin to discuss Damm's new crypto machine concept.
  • 1952Crypto AG

    Crypto AG, originally AB Cryptoteknik, was founded in Sweden in 1920 by Arvid Gerhard Damm. Boris Hagelin, an early investor, took over the company just before World War II.
  • 1970CIA / BND secret acquisition

    In 1970, the CIA and BND acquired Crypto AG for $5.75 million, adding backdoors to its encryption products. They sold these compromised devices to 120+ governments, including Iran, Latin America, India, and Pakistan. The CIA used Crypto AG until 2018, when it sold the company's assets to private firms.

Unveiling the untold history of Swedish business influencers who shaped the 20th century to today, prioritizing profit over human welfare. Carl traces their impact from 1905 Russia to the emergence of a deep state intelligence collective, shaping our current reality. Explore connections between historical events and key families like Palme, Wallenberg, Hambro, Warburg, Dulles, and Roosevelt.

Sullivan & Cromwell: The Dulles Brothers, Corporate Power and the Birth of the CIA

Few realize the role corporate lawyers have played in shaping the past 150 years of world history. Sullivan & Cromwell is perhaps the most infamous example. It oversaw the birth of the multinational corporation and launched coups in third world countries decades before there was an OSS or CIA. It was a key player in building up the German war machine. 

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The Art of Cloaking Ownership

After extensive research in European and U.S. archives, 'The Art of Cloaking Ownership' reveals how Swedish firms, including Enskilda bank owned by the Wallenberg family, supported Nazi financial and industrial leadership. The book uncovers Enskilda's role in hiding German corporations' foreign subsidiaries from Allied confiscation. It paints a vivid picture of the complex links between capitalism, power, and politics during WWII.

Stockholms Enskilda Bank German Bosch and IG Farben A short history

Swedish Neutrality and The Cold War 1945-1949



A Law Onto Itself

The Untold Story of the Law Firm of Sullivan. Years of archival research and hundreds of interviews substantiate an account of the powerful Wall Street law firm, its corporate and political connections, and its impact upon American society, business, and government.



Trading with the Enemy

For nearly forty years, the hidden truth about Nazi-American wartime business relations remained locked in government files. Charles Higham, utilizing newly released documents under the Freedom of Information Act, unveils a comprehensive account of American businessmen who engaged with the Nazis throughout WWII. Executives from companies like Standard Oil, Chase Bank, Texas Company, ITT, Ford, and Sterling Products, alongside government officials, were involved in these transactions.



Hell's Cartel

At its peak in the 1930s, IG Farben was a powerful German chemical conglomerate. Today, its legacy lives on through companies like Bayer, Agfa, and BASF. However, IG Farben is infamous for its Nazi ties and involvement in the Holocaust. In 'Hell's Cartel,' Diarmuid Jeffreys chronicles the rise and fall of IG Farben, revealing its origins, wartime role, and the codependence of industry and the Third Reich.