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Of the 56 Declaration of Independence signers, only one, Dr. Benjamin Rush, warned: "Without medical freedom in the Constitution, medicine will become a dictatorship. Restricting healing to one group is un-American and despotic. Medical freedom should be as important as religious freedom."
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War On Health

The FDAs Cult of Tyranny


"Death By Medicine" scrutinizes the dominant medical paradigm contributing to America's health crisis, based on Gary Null’s groundbreaking book. The documentary exposes the medical-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry’s influence over medical schools and research, falsified clinical trials, and the complicity of federal health agencies. It highlights a medical system built on unsound science, with government regulatory agencies lacking oversight and private interests dictating national healthcare. From FDA and FBI raids on natural health industries to Congressional actions, the film reveals the consequences of a profit-driven healthcare system, ranking the US 37th globally. It advocates for a new medical paradigm prioritizing health over profits.