Mission Statement - Civil Affirmation & Sworn Oath

We the People must take action and go Further Beyond the call of duty to correct the record and address the necessary aspects of government that are currently failing as well as doing a disservice to the American People. We have patiently watched and waited for people in places of power to do the right thing but time and time again they have let us down and continue to fail as well as betray our trust. We cannot accept anything less than proper legislative measures and course corrective action. We fully understand the scope & damning level of Corruption within the Corporate, Government and Legal systems both Public and Private.

We see the Special Counsel's investigation as a key opportunity to build upon several Class Action, Civil and Legal challenges on behalf of We the People. Utilizing an Active Intelligence Report (PLVS VLTRA Action Report) solely based on Open Source Intelligence as well as what should already be Public and unrestricted Open Source channels we will work to challenge and counter the narrative of several false reports being perpetuated against the TRUST of the American People. We realize but seek to further understand the Protections and Privacies of our rights as citizens without risking the security and safety that Military Intelligence and Government currently provides and affords. We seek to establish a much better working relationship with our Intelligence Community but fully intend to press the fact that many in our Government Institutions today are not held to the same standards.

We seek to connect the Public and Private sectors, while respecting national security. We seek to remind those in Government currently abusing the GOOD WILL & TRUST of the American people that using National Security as an excuse will no longer be tolerated without proper and accountable measures and actions. It is absolutely imperative to remind any and all current, former and future civil servants, representatives, bureaucrats & attorney's at law acting with PRIVY SECURITY CLEARANCES that it is no longer a choice but rather their SWORN DUTY to SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN.




PLVS VLTRA Action Reports will be LEGALLY SERVED and LAWFULLY presented with documented confirmation of RECEIPT so that IN THE FUTURE said civil servants, representatives, organizations and corporations cannot use the excuse of willful ignorance. Government & Private institutions have ignored and abused Corporate Protections and trampled all over our CIVIL RIGHTS in several cases that have been unlawfully and improperly entered into the PUBLIC RECORD. We will work to correct that PUBLIC RECORD ON ALL FRONTS and seek to remind any and all entities, associations, corporations, research institutions and PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS ACTING IN CONCERT against the PUBLIC TRUST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that continuing to do so willfully & knowingly will result in future CLASS ACTION CIVIL ACTION & OR LITIGATION on behalf of the American People. We recognize that such action is unprecedented but to ensure the safety and well being of future generations it is OUR RIGHT AND OUR DUTY TO LAWFULLY preserve the Constitution AS WRITTEN. WE WILL ALWAYS respect the RULE OF LAW but refuse to allow the LAW TO RULE OVER US WITHOUT PROPER PROSECUTION.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

We, the People.

Strategic Operational Measures

The Key to our success is through a civilian-oriented strategy that challenges societal norms especially the corrupt systems currently in place. Our approach depends entirely on ordinary individuals coming together to undertake unprecedented, yet extraordinary measures to ensure the success of our collective mission. Emphasizing a ground-up, outside of industry approach is the way forward. Embracing an understanding that the plan is always amorphous, adapting in real-time and making required course corrections along the way. Learning through inevitable failure in order to increase the probability and likelihood of future success is paramount. Utilizing & tracking data sets through an effective feedback loop that is always adapting. Networking locally, creating new and unique channels in order to affectively get the word out.

We are literally fighting against Intelligence Community level censorship that avoids databases or registered tracking systems by design. The censors are implemented through ISP's, Third Party Servicers & Telecom providers who had no choice but to comply or risk losing their privileges and immunities. Those immunities are unconstitutional, unlawful and they will be properly challenged. Pushing corporate systems to their limits while remaining cognoscente of the fact that this is a real-time, military-intelligence operation playing out on a world-wide stage that is constantly effecting the lives of people each and every day. The Chair will be swiftly pulled out from underneath [the old guard] and the corrupt system currently propping it up will be exposed for it's impropriety. Several good people are caught up in the corruption of this broken system, we cannot blame anyone for having been programmed to accept illogical and immoral ways of life.

We will not force anyone to see what's playing out. Many will not be bothered to notice the changes occurring all around them each and every day. We have the ability to remedy, reconstruct and reform a whole new world if we are courageous and calculated enough to take proper action. [They] will always do the wrong thing so long as it's possible and profitable. Our networking model is meant to challenge all Jurisdictional barriers starting in the US and then shifting/adapting to world wide application. Through word of mouth and grass roots efforts we will overcome the insurmountable but possible odds because... Put simply, it is worth it.